What to avoid with escorts

When you first went to school, you thought you have been given all that you need to triumph or do anything in life. But you were wrong. There are many things that you did not learn in school from raising kids, dating, to using escorts. If you use escorts, I thought of you and here is an article that will help you to know what to avoid when using escorts.

Make use of a prudently well-recognized agency

Just because you want to use escorts, it doesn’t mean you will use one from any agency. Not every agency is out there to offer the quality you desire on escorts. Ensure you do a thorough background check on the agency. You can check review boards so you can make a decision. Go to Google and check all the reviews you need that will convince you that the escorts are worth your time. However, some agencies buy reviews. That is why you should be careful.

Keep away from Streetwalkers

There isn’t any exception on this. The reason we say you should avoid streetwalkers is that most of them are screwed up and forlorn. This is not what you need because they will not give you the best experience. It will be a waste of time and you will feel wasted. Another reason to avoid street walkers if you plan to use escorts is that the aim of some of them is to scam unsuspecting individuals.

They might give STDs and that is costly to treat preventing you from enjoying your time. Apart from that, cops usually conduct operations and sometimes they involve street prostitutes and this might land you in trouble with the law enforcement officers.

Keep away from North American white escorts

By this, we mean those born in the North American parts. In case you have to have one, the best thing you can do is check reviews about them. If you realize they have negative feedback, send them away as early as you can. Non-anglosphere escorts are considered to be nice and professional as compared to Anglo-descent protectors.

Do not let them take control

The worst mistake you can ever make is to allow the companion to take charge. One thing you should remember is that you are the boss. This means that you should control the meeting.  Her work is to satisfy your needs. Whatever she wants or desires is not important and her feelings are just materials to enable her to perform better.

Trust your instincts

If you at any point of your encounter you have an odd feeling or sense something unusual, trust your instincts. Walk out of the encounter as soon as you feel it. After all, there are other hot escorts out there and you can always get yourself one.


When it comes to escorts, that is if you plan to use them, you should always be careful. If you need a satisfying experience, ensure you check the reviews of the companions and be in control of the encounter.

Things you should know before you become an escort

Some decisions in life are hard to make. There are times when you are forced to choose between your reputation and work. The work of an escort has many misconceptions surrounding it. Most of the time, people become escorts without being aware of what it entails. If you want to be an escort, this article is for you. It has all you need to know before becoming one. Check it out.

You need to be clever

Most people think that escorts are beautiful but stupid. The reason is that many movies show escorts as the most stupid people in the world. Most escorts are educated and bright. In fact, there are other escorts who are graduates. Furthermore,  educated escorts are paid high compared to those who are not.  When you are smart, your clients will be willing to pay high rates for your services.

If you are becoming an escort because you think this is a place for dumb people, you better quit right now. Escort business is beyond selling sex and that is why you need to be clever. Clients respect smart escorts and compete for them.

It is not magnified prostitution

First, you should know that prostitutes offer sex services for cash. This is not the same with escorts since they sell their attention, entertainment, and time to the clients. They also offer sexual services to the clients as well. When you are an escort, you offer much value to your clients as compared to a prostitute. Another myth that you should erase from your mind is that escorts always engage in sex. Well, not at all times. However, because of this myth, some clients hire escort services for sex. Therefore, you need to know what you want to do.

You can join an agency or be independent

Before you join this business, you need to decide whether to be independent or be a member of an agency. Each one of these has its advantages and disadvantages. When you are independent, it means you are responsible for client booking and posting your adverts. It also means getting exposed to high risks but you don’t pay a certain percentage to anyone like it is with agencies. Another thing is that an independent companion does things that she only feels like doing and is comfortable.

The best thing about joining agencies is that you have security because many agencies relate with people who are powerful. With agencies, there are times you will be forced to carry out things you don’t like because the client paid a lot of money to the agency. Therefore, think carefully before you decide.


Most people who get into this business always think that after the client has given you the cash you are free to do anything he wants. But that is wrong. Although you should pay attention to your clients, always ensure you are clear on what you do and the things you don’t. Ensure at all times you are clear to avoid misunderstandings later on. A companion for her time and not just for sex.

Rules every escort needs to follow

Like every business or institution, there are rules for escorts. Making that big decision of becoming an escort is not all. Everyone starts a business with an aim of succeeding. Take being an escort as a business and follow all the rules. It is no doubt that escorts are in demand and are paid high. This business is professional and also legal and that is why there are rules that will help you get repeat clients. Check them out below.

Examine clients carefully

In this business, most of the people you meet are new to you. And even if you know them, you should do a background check on them. Gather as much information as you could. Some might be knowing you and may not have good intentions. It is imperative that you ask them their name as well as phone number. You will use this number to contact your clients if there are any changes on the schedule. There are some who might want you to visit them. With such kind of clients always ask them to give you the landline number. In case they don’t have one, it is a red flag. The landline number is meant to help you confirm whether they actually live at the place they stated.

Don’t forget to know your client needs and how to satisfy them. In case they look suspicious or weird, avoid him as soon as possible. There is no need being an escort for a client when you feel uncomfortable around him.

Arrive in time

After you have done thorough screening on the client, ensure you arrive at the agreed location on time. Some clients hate getting at the place of the meeting and waiting for some minutes for you arrive. It is good to arrive at the place some minutes before the agreed time. This will give you some minutes to inspect the area and understand it fully. If you find the place to be noisy, you will have more time to suggest a different location for the client. This is especially when you are meeting in your client’s private home.

Arriving early will give you time to ask the client more questions that you did not ask earlier. Additionally, it will win your client’s heart and who knows, he might want your escort services next time.

Be professional

There is a huge difference between you and a prostitute. Having sex with him doesn’t mean you will forget your professionalism. Ensure you are in control of the client. Avoid speaking unnecessary words to the client. Avoid falling in love with the client. Always remember you are an escort and stay within your limits. You are free to utter words that may arouse him but avoid talking about love.

This is business and that is why you should always put on a condom when having sex. The best way to avoid having sex without a condom is to always carry condoms with you. This will help prevent contracting some sexually transmitted diseases.


Although some clients might get to close to you especially when they are repeat clients, never give in to their feeling. Always be professional and remind them you are offering your services for cash. Not every client will clean himself to standard. If you encounter such clients, do not have sex. When chatting with the customer, ensure you are polite and cordial. This portrays you as a professional escort who values her work.


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